You should make your order a weekday before 15:00  if you want the item within the delivery time specified. If you order later than 15:00 (or during a weekend), the item will be delivered at the specified delivery date the next working day. Normal delivery time is 1-6 days .

  • If you order more than one item, delivery will be made within the longest time specified. If you prefer, we can deliver the goods separately, but then you will have to pay for each delivery.
  • If you have chosen a home drive, the department store will contact you within the specified delivery time if he / she can not find your address.
  • If the goods can not be delivered within the specified time, we will contact you immediately and inform you when they can be delivered.
  • All shipment is well packed in either brown cardboard boxes or black packing film. It is not common, but sometimes it happens that goods are damaged during transport. If you notice any damage to the package or if you see that it was opened during transport, you should not receive the package without clearly mentioning the reason for the shipping company and fill out their claim form. After that, please contact us as soon as possible.
    If for some reason you were unable to refuse to receive a shipment that is clearly damaged or opened, do not forget to unpack it instead of taking pictures on the package. Make sure all damage is clearly visible on the images and send them to our customer support as soon as possible. Do not open the package without waiting for our instructions for further steps.