Warranties and Refunds

Goods of inadequate quality are replaced or returned in accordance with the requirements of the order No 217 of 29 June 2001 of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania on “The approval of rules for return and exchange of goods”.

Warranty obligations of the manufacturer are valid only if the conditions for the collection and operation of the goods are intact. After buying a product, it is necessary to carefully inspect it before it is collected. If you find that it is inadequate, you are entitled to return such a product to us within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery to you. In this case, the product of inappropriate quality is replaced by a good quality product free of charge or the paid money is returned to you.

If you notice any hidden product defects during the warranty period, please, take a picture of them and send us the photo without delay by e-mail info@euroimportas.lt. In this case, the manufacturer will determine if the defect is covered by the warranty, i.e. whether the product defect is the manufacturer‘s fault. We will inform you immediately of the manufacturer’s decision by the means of communication indicated by you. In the event that the reason for the return of the goods is inadequate quality, we undertake to change the goods of inappropriate quality to the goods of appropriate quality or refund the money paid for the goods at our own expense.

  • The manufacturer’s warranty does not apply to naturally wearable parts of the item and to the fabric
  • For goods that have mechanical damage
  • For goods that have not been used for their intended purpose
  • For goods, whose malfunctions have arisen due to the fault of the Buyer
  • When the malfunction occurs due to environmental factors (storms, rain, etc.), force majeure (fire, flood) or accidental external influences (voltage jump, etc.)
  • If the Buyer fails to submit a purchase document (invoice, check, leasing agreement)


The return of appropriate quality goods is possible only in accordance with the procedure, established by order No. No 258 of 17 August 2001, approved by the Minister of Economy on “The regulations for the sale of goods and provision of services when contracts are concluded using means of communication.“ You can return appropriate and inapproprate quality goods within 14 calendar days and reimburse the money you paid. We note that:

  • Appropriate quality assembled furniture cannot be returned
  • The returned product must be in original, orderly packaging
  • The product must not be damaged by the Buyer
  • The product must be kept intact in appearance (undamaged labels, unbroken protective films, etc.)
  • The returned product must be the same as the one purchased by the Buyer
  • The Buyer is responsible for the return of the goods and for all expenses related to transportation of the goods.

The Seller is not responsible for the fact that the goods in the online store may not match the color or other parameters of the actual size or color of the goods due to the characteristics of the monitor used by the Buyer. The Buyer must read the product descriptions, not just trust the photos.