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Adjustable desk – Lavoro L Pink

The LAVORO desk has an enhanced desktop surface, which ensures complete use of space. The height of the desk can be adjusted continuously, depending on the height of the children. In order to adjust the desk top leg more comfortable, the children’s growth rate was determined. The desk top can be easily moved at an angle of 50 ° and can be used for writing and reading. There is plenty of space for books and stationery in the drawer with compartments. The desk legs are designed for wooden floors and they facilitate the movement of the desk. The desk also has a built-in pencil tray and a mechanism that protects fingers from traps.

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  • The product name: the children’s desk
  • The desk top: eco-friendly MDF class E1
  • Colored elements: ABS + PP
  • White steel frame
  • The desk top thickness: 18mm
  • Available colors: Blue/Pink
  • The product dimensions: (W x H x W): 794x608x540-720mm
  • The top dimensions: 794mmX608mm
  • Dimensions of the tilted surface of the desk top: 794mmX394mm
  • The memory type: a pull-out drawer
  • The desk top range: 540-720 mm
  • The desk top height adjustment mechanism: manual lifting
  • The desk resistance: adjustable legs
  • Tilting range: 0° to 50°
  • The desk top tilt mechanism: free angle
  • Backpacks hangers: yes
  • The elbow support: yes
  • The cup holder: included

Additional information

Weight19 kg
Dimensions84 × 65 × 29 cm

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