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It is very important that the children, while preparing the lessons, would sit right at the desk. Growing children’s desk “KARO” is designed to create a children-friendly environment for your children’s health. The desk and chair height are easily adjustable, which makes it optimally tailored to the children’s height. The desk top can be tilted up to 35 ° for easier writing, reading and drawing. The desk top has a pull-out drawer for books and writing supplies and a paper roll holder.

On the one side of the box there is a 3D puzzle-kangaroo that can be assembled and used as a desk-top pen holder.

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  • The widest useful working surface, among its class models.
  • Adjustable desk top angle 0 ° ~ 35 °
  • The non-reflective desk surface helps protect the children’s eyes
  • The pull-out drawer for writing supplies and books
  • The metal hook for hanging a backpack and a cup holder
  • Holes for drawing and writing tools help to maintain order on the desk
  • The perforated chair surface provides good air circulation
  • The desk is recommended for children between 110 and 170 cm height
  • Thanks to the adjustable height, the desk and the chair grows together with your child
  • The rounded corners of the desk top guarantee the children’s safety


  • The product: child‘s desk and chair
  • Functionality: Adjustable height and desk tilt angle
  • Model: E1 MDF / ABS + PP / Steel
  • Thickness: 15mm
  • Available colors: Blue/Pink/Grey/Purple
  • Product dimensions:
  • The desk – 688x48x520-740 mm
  • The chair – 390x408x653-793 mm
  • The desktop size: 688×480 mm
  • The desktop height: 520-740 mm
  • The chair height: 300-440 mm
  • The desktop angle: 0°/35°
  • The bag holder: Yes
  • The cup holder: Yes
  • The pull-out drawer: Yes
  • Height adjustment mechanism: manually
  • The desk top adjustment: button

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Weight32.3 kg
Dimensions77 × 55 × 28 cm


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