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OMINO Blue – children’s wooden furniture set

“FUNDESK OMINO” – children’s chairs from the “creative children” series allow to fully disclose the creative potential of your child due to its unique style and functionality. The desk top’s wooden structure has a non-reflective surface and is made of environmentally friendly materials. Both the desk and the chair are without sharp edges, ensuring the child’s safety during use. The set does not have an unpleasant odor, typical of most wooden products, and is easy to keep clean. The desk and the chair have adjustable height, so they serve the children for a long time, adjusting to his / her height. The desk has an extra capsule hole that allows you to better organize the workplace. The high quality of the product was tested at the leading furniture factories and re-approved. The ergonomic form of the set helps to model the correct position and ease the children’s dorsal tension. The furniture is designed in such a way that your children can develop normally and healthy. They eliminate problems associated with backbone curves or permanent back pain, at the same time giving the child more focus on activities.

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  • The desk height adjustment: 420 – 470 mm
  • Height adjustment: 205 – 255 mm
  • The desk dimensions: 720 x 500 x 535 mm
  • The chair dimensions: 360 x 354 x 465 mm
  • Material: Wood / E1 MDF

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